Security MATTERS!


Please find a few tips on Security. Mexico City, like any other big city in the world can be dangerous if you are not careful.

  1. 1.Take only the Official Taxis at the airport!

  2. 2.Never flag down a taxi in the street. Take only taxis that you book, or ask someone to book them for you (at the house you can always ask the administrator to book one). At a restaurant you can ask the waiter to book it. Usually there are taxi ranks outside big hotels. They are much more expensive compared to the normal taxis, but they are very safe. You can walk into the hotel and ask at the reception if they have hotel taxi service. And if they do not, you could always ask them to book one for you. Booking taxis is usually very fast. They will arrive within 10-15 minutes depending on the area of the city. See also the page on transport.

  3. 3.Although most Mexicans are very friendly to visitors, it is better not to trust anyone on the street. If they approach you it is possible that they want to distract you in order to take some advantage of you, take your wallet, your camera, etc. There is always the chance of being approached by someone genuinely wanting to help you, but it is not the norm if they think you are not a local.

  4. 4.Beware of pickpockets in crowded streets and public transport. Always carry you wallet and cards where you know it is safest. Do not carry many credit or debit cards with you. Take only those you know you need.

  5. 5.Avoid dark and empty streets. At night particularly, even if you know where you are, take a taxi to go home. Do not walk in dark or solitary places.

  6. 6.Never eat or drink anything from a street stand! Eat only in restaurants that are either recommended to you or which look clean and safe. Avoid eating raw vegetables/salad or meals not thoroughly cooked if you have any doubts about the hygiene of the place (tablecloths, lavatories, etc. can give you an idea of how clean the management is).

  7. 7.Never drink water from the tap. Drink ONLY bottled water, no matter how clean the place is.